Strange variances in voltage history on SP


I asked back in the thread Solar Panel Power for SKY - Now Shipping a few weeks ago about strange drops in the history of the voltage on the Sky after I installed the solar panel I will post a few screen shots but I am getting them quite regular and was wondering if anyone else is getting voltage history like this

I have more screen shots, but I was wondering if anyone from weatherflow staff could please look at this and let me know if this is normal .
The first time I posted it was suggested that I take down and check all connections and for a tight fit . At the time I found a lot of water in tn between the mount and base of SP I also found some water between the top of SP and sky unit but this could of come from my having to tilt unit down to access it as it is on a 14’ steel pipe.
This does not seem to be causing me any trouble in the operation of unit but just seems awfully odd to me and I e=would think if this was normal more people would question these readings. Also I did not have anything like this using energizer lithium batteries they lasted about 8 months on 3 sec wind speed measurements.

Also I would again like to thank Waetherflow staff for offering me a free Sp for field testing back in February but unfortunately I was in the hospital obtaining a bone marrow transplant for Multiple Myelnoma

Yes. This has been explained several times. It comes down to the reading being a low priority and timing. There are several discussions here that explain it in greater detail.


Thanks again I was just very curious as I never had noticed it with the batteries but nice to know that its a non Issue


The variances with the SPA are different than with the Lithium batteries. I’ve seen this on all three of my units. They typically last 10 minutes as @GaryFunk alluded too, but with the batteries the odd readings were close to 0V whereas with the SPA they are typically somewhere in the 2V range.