Bird spikes ideas?

Any DYI bird spike ideas for the sky? Seems I’m getting 2+inches of rain with clear skies.

See this post for some ideas:

You just need to make sure any method you use doesn’t introduce even more vibrations!!

Private link removed.

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Don’t think the false readings are birds. So far today it is registering 6.5"s of rain in the last 24 hours.

Thanks for the tip on using zip ties

your link doesn’t work because I need an account to see it.

Earlier today I posted a potential solution in another thread:

I’d love to hear what @WFmarketing has to say about whether modding the Sky with homemade bird spikes would interfere with the unit’s readings.

Yep, 99% of the world has a Facebook account… time to get one me thinks :crazy_face:

I’m on Facebook and I can’t get to the link either.


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because my friends doesn’t have a facebook account (so i don’t think 99%), they have twitter.
and thanks to @GaryFunk he show us that even with account we can’t access to the link.

Are u in the group? U need to join the weather flow group to see it as the group is a closed group

Yup, and 99% of the world has compromised user accounts and no clue about cyber-privacy. :roll_eyes:

Guess your math makes me a one percenter… :grin:

I’m glad this post has gone from good pics and info to a bunch of old blokes who are paranoid and don’t know how to protect themselves online. Funny stuff…

Carry on gentleman. Just pointing out a bunch of photos…

Just another day at their office, apparently… :roll_eyes:


@jasonb2909 - one is not paranoid, if people are actually after you…

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And we all know Facebook is after everything. LOL

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we might be old but we can teach you a lot about the weather station hardware , perhaps our generation didn’t have the plug and play and go perhaps most of my generation had to grab a wire to see if it was live or not …, so show some respect you cant teach an old dog new tricks … FWIW facebook is just an amusement how someone takes its has a must have probably leads a very very unsociable lifestyle. and i cant stand sitting in a room with people who have there heads and snigger at there phones all the time. its good to talk its good to learn :slight_smile:


Facebook has its uses. Support for WeatherFlow, especially from a third-party, is not a good use.

what the like button ? 10years ago facebook was a lifeline for me to keep in touch with friends back home in the UK i could see them move on in life, get married,have children or sadly someone past away but today its full news ,politics and other irrelevant shite about anyone I know… its all irrelevant and well im glad to say i do not have any facebooks apps or bookmarks on any device or computer i own…my social media activity is twitter once a week at the most… if i want the news ill,turn on the tv or buy a newspaper …

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We think experimentation is great and encourage the group to share findings. There is a very sensitive haptic sensor under the cap of the SKY. The noted zip tie technique should not adversely affect the performance…but time and data will tell.

Another approach we have found some success with is adding simple reflective stickers to the cap of SKY. We’re currently looking to source metallic based stickers that will survive in harsh outdoor conditions for a long time. Placing an old CD shiny side up in close proximity can work wonders as mentioned previous by @weather34 (corrected) .