Charing Tempest Hub with cellphone power bank


I see that the AC to DC power adaptor for the Tempest hub has spec of 5V/1A output. My question is: if I have a 10000 mah power bank (for my cellphone), can I use a USB C charging cable to connect to the Tempest Hub in situation where I might have a power outage last more than one day?


Yes, as long as your power bank has the ability to stay awake under light load like the one in the Tempest store. One of my older power banks require a little more load, like my cell phone plugged into the other USB port, or they go to sleep as the Hub doesn’t draw much power.

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Thanks for the information. I guess any USB C charging cable would be OK to use, right?

Pretty sure all of my Hubs use a micro USB cable. However, I see you can order a Hub power supply replacement in either micro USB or USB type-C. So, I’d look at what your Hub is currently using, and use that.

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