Comfort level/Temperature cutoffs

When does it feel hot, and when does it feel cold? Clearly this will depend on your location and on the climate you are adjusted too, but for those of us developing third-party integrations with behavior that depends on the ‘Feels Like’ temperature, we have to implement cutoffs somewhere.

Currently the PiConsole uses these cutoffs in celcius:

FeelsLikeTemp < -4:
	'Feeling extremely cold'
FeelsLikeTemp < 0:
	'Feeling freezing cold'
FeelsLikeTemp  < 4:
	'Feeling very cold'
FeelsLikeTemp  < 9:
	'Feeling cold'
FeelsLikeTemp  < 14:
	'Feeling mild'
FeelsLikeTemp  < 18:
	'Feeling warm'
FeelsLikeTemp  < 23:
	'Feeling hot'
FeelsLikeTemp  < 28:
	'Feeling very hot'
FeelsLikeTemp  >= 28:
	'Feeling extremely hot

How would you adjust these cutoffs to your location? Is it possible to have just one single set of cutoffs for every climate? Does anyone know of any official definitions of Comfort Level?

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And how change the ‘feeling like’ with something else that is maybe more interesting. How a person feels a temperature is so much depending on condition, habit etc. What is hot for one is cold for another. Except making this a variable …

Isn’t there any reference to what level of danger can be linked to temperature, like it is below °C = …

started to look into this article
Guess there is something in the WHO stating hat dangers are related to what temperature.

And show a message like

  • it is over x°C : beware dehydration, drink enough
  • Temp is below: beware frostbite
  • etc

might be more interesting to have those messages then a ‘feels hot’ …

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i (just my personal opinion based on nothing more than my gut feeling) would like to have something between mild and warm. and between warm and hot there could be very warm. hot could start at 28 and very hot at 31 or so. but in general I would just show the feelsliketemp which is way less climate dependent.

Increase the difference between the numbers.

I think feelings are as individual as there are people on the globe…
And may vari over time …
Hence I think to give a preset like you did and additionally a setup option to modify would be the way of choose.
I see a high difference between me and my wife :wink: … hence a profiling would be an advanced option :thinking:


I have not decided what to name values or what the range will be, however I have come up with a color scheme that works. It will be a range of 0 F to 100 F.

and above 100??? Even where where I live we go over that each year, ask the Aussies … they added some colours to the maps as they are close to 122 summer time

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Red. There comes a point where hot is hot and more hot does not really matter.

Yes, it DOES matter! The red starts to turn gray above 140F…

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It also starts to cook itself.

Ha. I spend summers in Saigon.

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Australians are clever and use Centigrades or do the put the AIR in boiling water :zipper_mouth_face: