Configuration Changes and Calibration data packet

Send a data packet when any configuration item is changed in the application.

Also, please bring back calibration packets and firmware packets.

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I haven’t seen any calibration UDP messages here since Oct-22 which I ‘think’ is about when we got the v98 updates. I’m assuming you’re still calibrating stuff periodically as before (???)

I kind of like seeing what WF is ‘helping’ with and how often. Any chance we can get that reenabled in the next firmware update ?

The update was the morning of the 23rd.

I am disappointed that useful packets are being removed.

I’m not feeling the love I used to get.

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I’d love to see a diagnostic messages on/off switch or the like so those of us who care can see this stuff.

Has anybody sniffed with a RTL_SDR the sensor/hub communications the hard way, or is that encrypted ?


It would be nice to have a means to identify when a CL activity has been run on your system. Two suggestions from other posts:

  1. Show an indication on the graphs in the app, such as a dashed/dotted line, or a small icon in the timeline or similar.
  2. Issue a UDP packet with some information (type, change etc) which can be monitored locally.

There used to be (2) many firmware updates in the past. There might be another feature request to resume that feature, I know many of us have asked many times for it to come back.

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We had that information. It was removed as it’s useless to the target consumer. There are several topics on it.

My memory is fuzzy then. There was a UDP message way back when that we both saw and mentioned when it disappeared. Wasn’t that something like calibration received ? The important thing as I recall was that we wanted to know that it happened so we could reconcile the changes in the data after the fact, more so than the precise ‘content’ of the calibration itself.

It’s here:

I keep finding posts I forgot about.

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@GaryFunk I only opened the feature request because @dsj specifically asked us to here Humidity calibration corrections

Edit: Apologies, I didn’t realise this thread was also requesting the same thing.

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Ran out of votes but I wouldn’t mind seeing CL information in the status section of the station.