Indication of CL / calibration activity

It would be nice to see when CL has adjusted values. It could help identify problems and create confidence in the data, instead of doubting the sensors.
A tiny indicator between two data points when there was a calibration somewhere in that interval between the points would be great.

(other people suggested udp, but that won’t help anyone that isn’t using udp)

I only asked for UDP in addition to the graphs. I hardly use the app to consume my data, so would rarely see it. If its also indicated via the UDP packets, I can collect and monitor in my Home Automation system.

That’s great, but I just noticed that a feature request about udp and graphs, was moved into a request which was mainly about udp.

Forgive my ignorance, but Googling terms like ‘CL activity weather’ yielded nothing (useful). What is CL? TIA (thanks in advance :wink: )

nvm – found it CL System for Pressure calibration explained “Continuous Learning (CL) auto-calibration system for Pressure”

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You found it, but it isn’t only for pressure. For sure it is active for UV and humidity as well. And they were planning it for rain as well (at least for countries where raincheck is available), but I don’t know if they activated that yet.

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I’m for this even though I don’t have a vote left.

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Is there any way to know if a calibration adjustment has been made to my Tempest especially the rain sensor? If there isn’t, can that be an option to add to an app settings for notification?

You should vote for this feature request, then.

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I think this feature would get more votes if the title was changed. If I knew what CL activity was I would have found it on search.


done …!

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(must be one of the shortest reply on this forum)