Contacts on base of Sky unit

What are the purpose of the contacts on the base of the Sky unit? I am hoping to be able to use them to provide external power from a solar panel. I don’t really want to open up my brand new weather station I waited 2 years for, but it would be really nice to know if there is a charging circuit built in or if they were planning an external self contained unit with a battery, charge controller, and panel.

Start here;

There are several topics here that discuss solar power.

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They are contact points for an integrated solar module (panel, recharge battery, and electrical control circuitry).

Also note, after a massive amount of engineering, the SKY can run on AA batteries for 2+ years in the power save mode which samples wind every 15sec instead of every 3sec in normal mode. Most average home users will notice little difference in the wind data while in power mode.