Converting UDP to REST API values

If WeatherFlow would share the code used to convert the UDP data to the additional values, the third-party developers would be able to supply the same data locally and not need the Hub to do the work.

Those additional values are published on the Derived Metrics page. But an increasing amount of data in the “federated observation” (and other data available via the API) will include input from other processes and data sources that the Hub doesn’t have access to. The data from a single smart weather station is just one piece of input to the overall system! That code also includes a range of “secret sauce” - aka, proprietary intellectual property that we need to protect. :slight_smile:

As we discussed in the past, when will that page be updated?

No one is asking for your proprietary intellectual property, just everyday formulas that you use that are not proprietary intellectual property.

It’s on the list, Gary, along with updating the API docs. Neither of those things is super high priority though. If there’s a specific formula you need, let me know!

Not so much a direct formula but if it’s not proprietary,

How is Solar Radiation derived from the Broadcom sensor?

That’s proprietary :wink:


Thank you. That’s an answer we can live with…


For those following this, I did an analysis of my data and have discovered I can:

illuminance X 0.0083270661

And I match the solar radiation 98.5%. The values that do not match are off by 1. I have a few hundred thousand data points so I am going to keep working on this till I match 100%.

hmmmm take 1/x there and it’s pretty close to an even 120 ratio there.

my ratio matches yours exactly - I ran a few weeks of data through with a 120:1 ratio and it’s on the money.

This might interest you.


Top of page 4 seems to be the magic number. How’bout that.

Hmm. Looks like our experiments missed it by 1 too :slight_smile:

There is a lot of information available unfortunately every one good is buried among 123 worthless pages. I’ve been researching and reading every paper I can find.

I have written several formulas in hope of finding a conscious. I’m making progress but I’m still undecided.

Just FYI. Based on research papers and reading several hundred website pages I am settling on 0.008403 x illuminance to derive solar radiation.

In other words, 119 if you take 1/x

Yes, with the caveat that it is easier to adjust the formula +/- 0.00xxxx when using a decimal value.

Simply because I an not convinced that 119 is a precise variable.