Credit Card Fraud?

I never took from your message that you were accusing WeatherFlow. You simply and politely stated the facts and asked for information.

There are so many areas where card information may be obtained that it’s best to eliminate the ones you have control over. It’s also good that you reported the issue so if it does happen to others here, members and WeatherFlow will be able to report that information.

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Cut up the card, call the bank to get it replaced if you already haven’t done so. My wife got her card charged with iPads once & second time few months later. It happens!!

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We’ve had it happen ‘five’ times, so you just have to deal with it. Cancel the cards. Notify the bank or credit union about the disputed transactions. It’s painful, but that’s why you use credit cards. You have protection for the money part of the problem (it’s annoying and time consuming, but you shouldn’t be out any money when it’s all over with).