Tempest Production

Are the problems in China going to cause problems with the new Tempest production ?

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Let me state what is mentioned on Indiegogo page as the official WeatherFlow update. This was posted on Feb 13th

Like many of you, we are concerned about the current coronavirus situation in China and have been in regular contact with our production team there. The travel restrictions and closure of many businesses will likely impact our estimated shipping dates by a couple of weeks. We should have more definitive information in the coming week and will continue to keep you all in the loop moving forward.

Our team is working as quickly and diligently as possible to bring this project to completion. We appreciate your patience and continued support.


Judging from the news reports, it may be more than a couple of weeks.


i think it is very unfortunate and only yesterday i saw pricing jump on components by 3 fold … my local supplier quoted the inflated prices for semi conductors were not of his doing and the shortages versus demand has pushed the price up… i have two oem tablet display consoles stuck in china for 4 weeks now … i pray a vaccine is forthcoming and reading the news coming out of china this morning , shutdown of schools in hong kong till mid april , rapid rise in cases in italy … we personally cancelled our trips to europe next month last night , we have no immediate plans to travel via air until further notice… some may argue media are exploiting and sensationalize but the rise in italy over the weekend woke us up…

whilst above has no content about weatherflow I do sincerely hope that cool heads make the right decisions and not rush out a another product due to customer pressure… all good things comes to those that wait… honest transparency is the most reliable form of information… misinformation is a destructive tool…

best of luck weatherflow and I dont think any cool headed backer will be disappointed in the long run…


Do you mind the plane and airport situation ?
Where do you wanted to go in Europe ? Most areas are save to SARS2…

Amazing that nobody pointed out the personal risks to @dsj and/or any other WF staff who might need to go back to China as part of approving the final production and QC checks. There’s no “F” in “weigh” that I personally would go over there right now!

More food for thought…how comfortable are you with opening the Tempest shipping box when it arrives? What will a liberal blast of disinfectant do to the special rain coating, ultrasonics, or temp/hum/baro sensors if someone shot it into the box from a pinhole?

I’m glad that I ordered my Tempest from the June batch with the cellular Hub, when everything has hopefully returned to normal…


not sure i understand do you mean monitor , i just came back from the airport this morning fully masked up , istanbul airport is a hub for transportation to and from asia . what is the growing concern is the massive outbreak in italy over the weekend … and the last couple of hours tenerife island lockdown and we now have a grave concern here based on reports last hour coming out of the capital of turkey ankara. im not even contemplating risking travelling…

what makes you think it will ship … and if it does what do you think the procedure for clearance to your country would in tail… this has far reaching consequences its an air born virus much like passing on a cold to anyone with serious consequences…seriously find a trusted news channel and follow closely they dig deeper without sensationalizing … stay safe most of all dont ignore the advice from authorized sources buy a mask whether you have to ever use it or not its there ready if … take care sincerely

On Tuesday, a plane carrying more than 130 passengers and crew from the Iranian capital, Tehran, to Istanbul was diverted to the Turkish capital, Ankara, amid suspicion of infections on board. Turkey’s health minister said all would be quarantined for 14 days.

the doctor diagnosed positive today at the tenerife hotel had been staying there for last six days , since then 300 to 400 have left the hotel prior to this find … you see how it spreads 300-400people unknowingly depart without having ever known there was a possibility . can you see a pattern arising international travel lockdown sounds far fetched and money /economic needs will preside over those decisions… cant think of any company that would have or thought the need of a contingency plan for this scenario…

as for wf staff traveling to that part of the world i hope common sense prevails the risk factor is way too far too high to colleagues,relatives,siblings and so on … somethings are beyond there control no one with a heart would think anything other than some decisions are made for the right reasons…

its not a joke its real and the stark reality me this morning … dont let this be seen as someone homing in on the fear factor … my thoughts and heart goes out to anyone and everyone


I have canceled my family trip to Vietnam. My wife and her children are sad because we are not going back. I will not say more except that I keep up with ALL the news out of SE Asia.


The same thought has occurred to me regarding shipments from China. I suspect many would scoff at the idea that you could catch the virus from a product shipped from China, but I wonder. Think about the simple cold virus. As I recall, the cold virus can survive on environmental surfaces for days. What about the Corona virus? I haven’t heard this discussed anywhere by medical professionals.

The coronavirus cannot survive on hard surfaces for more than a few hours. It needs a moist environment and living cells.

The answer is Yes. Factories are closed or running on minimum staff. However, I suspect we will receive good news soon.

The sad part is people think a simple mask will protect them. It won’t. This is not an airborne virus. It is spread thorough touch and body fluids. That means it can be on any thing you touch or consume. Forget the mask, wear gloves and cover all exposed skin.

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Do we know that for a fact? I haven’t heard anyone in the medical community saying that. Its certainly possible, but I’d like to hear it from a doctor or researcher. It’s certainly not the case with the common cold viruses.

Yesterday I had my annual physical and my doctor had mentioned that some research is showing a 28 day incubation period for the Corona virus. If that turns out to be confirmed, that doesn’t bode well considering how many suspected people were released after 14 days without symptoms. I think there’s still much to be learned. Everyone should exercise extreme caution.

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me wearing a face mask will not prevent me catching the virus but it does reduce the risk by a small percentage avoiding contact with hands when im in public places i.e airports however it does not prevent other means of contact i.e someone sneezing or coughing .hand gel sanitizer packets are useful but again not a guarantee of prevention.
the other side of the flip coin if i unknowingly have the or a virus and begin coughing and sneezing in a social environment, commuting environment i will at least reduce the risk to others . not always done to satisfy myself but consideration for others whether i know them or not.
sadly there is no evidence or solid prevention of contracting this virus all views are relatively unconfirmed opinions scientist etc do this frequently where one view varies from the other so the best you can do is try . you mention metal there are various sources quoting the opposite so the internet is not always a good place to find info it often creates confusion so the jury is out on that one … if the air is moist the longer drying out takes so a container at sea is the majority of the time in a moist air environment based on non air concealed type. another i read if the virus is in a frozen environment when the defrost happens does it evolve so many theories but little hard factual evidence to convince …
but the sad reality political minds worked there way into this the last few days thats one bag of noise you dont need as a distraction, i think now the time is not to go waging fingers at one another ,best way is look after yourself and relatives,colleagues,friends etc and make the best safest decision in the interest of others and yourselves.

as for tempest production well thats good news …
i do sincerely mean take care when i say take care …
an idea of whats happening here and europe my wifes company today as cancelled all overseas trips until end of april and that will be revised at a later date . most european schools were on winter break last week and guess what a large percentage unknowingly all enjoying a ski break in northern italy… suddenly an increase of cases spreading across europe. its the traveling from one continent,country to the other think thats one factor most can conclude but thats about it … sometimes you just want fall asleep and hope it was just a bad dream…but its not…

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Here’s an update to our discussion on how long the virus can live on inanimate objects. The studies indicate about 9 days in some cases. That’s pretty much akin to what I had thought about the normal cold viruses.


Thanks WF for the production update.

Exactly what all of your supporters have been waiting for, a definitive word instead of speculation.

Looking forward to receiving my Tempest. Just in time for [sort of] warmer weather to fabricate a proper mounting location.

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