Rumors and plans

It has been very quiet lately with hardly any postings from weatherflow. I assume they are very busy, which is of course great. But what are they busy with? what are their plans? any ideas?

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I honestly think weatherflow reached their zenith. The product is great already so i doubt they will add tip buckets and heats. Their goal was to have as little moving parts as possible. Adding such features will start to head back to the old school way. Any additions i believe will be software additions. Just what i think though take it with a grain of salt.


It would be a “great” product if the rain “gauge” was accurate, it did not die in northern latitudes (or shady sites) and water droplets did not cause false wind readings.

If you can accept these limitations, then it is a useful product.

I will say that support has been “great”. They have replaced 2 units at no extra charge.

. . .and hoping Greatly. . .that NONE of the WF staff / employees have any Health issues what-so-ever.


I actually shut my lightning off. Where I live too much electrical interference which triggers lightning 0-2 miles even if there isn’t any lightning.

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