New Hub Firmware v143

The latest production Hub firmware, v143, is rolling out now. This build addresses several bugs and adds a temperature adjustment algorithm that compensates for radiative warming above the built-in shield’s mitigation capacity, which can occur in bright sun and light winds.


@dsj I hope this doesn’t come across as fawning, but not only am I enjoying this terrific device (that I almost accidentally found via Indiegogo!), but y’all seem to be open to receiving “hey, this data doesn’t look right” feedback and – perhaps most important of all – correcting such issues (and quickly, at that).

I’ve bought countless other electronic items that end up experiencing some sort of problem, big or small, and never quite seem to get the attention of someone who can help rectify the issue.

I’m grateful for y’all keeping my personal weather station performing as well as it can. Thank you! :+1:

PS- I’m (obviously?) new to this game. I assume no action is needed on my part to allow the firmware to update itself?


WeatherFow has always been receptive to civil criticism and ideas. They are committed to improving the product hardware and software. It’s been a struggle but they aren’t giving up.


Thanks, @GaryFunk. Sounds like my crowdfunding dollars went to the right project. :sunglasses:

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I’ve backed the products from the beginning and I’ll continue to back WeatherFlow products. There are several things I wish were different but I get only one vote. So hang in with us and and let’s see what comes next.


+1 Gary!

I’ve been right beside you from the start. Been in almost constant contact with WF and David from the beginning… and 100% believe this will be THE weather system of the future. WF has not done everything right from the get-go… but then again, show me a company that launched a product that never needed any updates… biggest difference is as @GaryFunk and @andymand were saying, WF is open, receptive and responsive. KUDOs!



David, just out of curiosity how long does the rollout process take? Thanks

Fyi, mine came through about 10:00 am Central time

still hasn’t made it to CT. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kudos, Andy. Fawning is always appreciated! We have an amazing team here and I will be sure to share your words with all. And just to send some fawning back your way: the Tempest community is really and truly a huge part of any success we may achieve. And I include in that group everyone, whether a field tester, a forum moderator, a third-party developer, or a new user wrestling with a WiFi issue - we are dependent on all of you to make this thing go!

That is correct.

We stagger the upgrades by timezone and there is a maximum number per zone which varies depending on a few factors. Not all Hubs will upgrade on the first try thanks to internet & power glitches but we typically get to 90% after takes a couple days. However, with the near doubling of the network size since the last firmware update, we’re being more conservative than usually and it’ll probably take a few more days to get to 90%. Once we hit 90% or so we’ll start more aggressively pushing the stragglers.


What is the process and/or how does a person become a field tester?

Various ways, most commonly by watching for and responding to requests made here on the forum. We don’t have an active field test going but we stay tuned - you never know what’s coming down the pike!


Thank you for the great info and insight, David!

Looks like i’m updated. Very impressed with how these devices can be managed. I’m learning a lot a newbie, thanks all for the good threads and feedback…

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Where do u check to see if hub update has been completed

won’t be long anymore, just about 10% To do, give it about hours and most will be done. There are always a few stuck but those will be done manually in a second round


On the status page it will show the firmware number and i looked at uptime to determine when it had happened.

What’s the status page? Where do I find that, online or in the app?

I searched both and couldn’t find one marked status or any page that had the firmware on it. I only show weather, history, map and settings at the top and another link with the icon of the weather station on it. I followed all of them without any luck.

Never mind. I finally found it in the app under Settings / Stations / “My station” / Manage Devices / “My device” at the bottom of the page. I don’t know how I missed that. LOL

You can also click on image at the bottom of the web page.


Is v133 coming after v143? I thought it would be the other way around.