New Hub Firmware v119

The latest production Hub firmware, v119, has been automatically installed on most smart weather stations starting last night. This build fixes issues with null UV index values on some devices, wind direction issue with the rain-on-plate algorithm, and some issues with the Hub crashing during certain bluetooth operations.


Can you check if my station firmware has been updated
Station 8254

@pcapaccio If you go to your settings, under your station look at the status. You should see Firmware Revision. Mine is 119, so I guess it’s updated.

Mine is 129. I have no idea if that’s updated or not. You would think higher number means later version?

Hi Pcapaccio,

You’re running a later version of the firmware. I don’t have access to your customer support notes right now, but we do update some hubs to later versions to fix an issue you may be experiencing.

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I have been experiencing a lot of rain getting stuck in the transducers affecting winds to be less than 4mph for like 5 hours till the wind blows any remaining water.

Thanks, mine’s updated. Now wondering if Sky will ever stop sending me false positive rain messages ;-).

Sky has version 43
Air has version 22
How do I update them?

These can not be updated remotely like the Hub. This is one of the new features on the Tempest. That will be be upgradable like the hub remotely.

Air and Sky parts stay at the version they are when delivered.


Can u look at my station 8254. Winds today 45mph . Lots of false rain reports. Can you see my hub furmware?

Your hub is at 129, it was pushed further up.

False rain is most probably related to vibrations. There are several threads on forum with ideas etc. Maybe head over there and see if with help from community this can be solved.

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