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Just received my Tempest yesterday. Amazed how easy it was to setup! Out of the box to viewing data in about 15 minutes!


Mark13 – You’ll be especially impressed with Tempest’s Lightning Detection capability. Whether just a few little strikes. . .or a big thunderstorm that lasts for several hours. . .that Lightning data is indispensable!

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Can’t wait for that! Unfortunately there’s no storms here probably til Sunday!

I know where I can find the current firmware versions of the Tempest and the hub.

Where can I find the current versions available, to determine if it’s not updating properly? Is there a page that lists them?

My unit’s windspeed is measuring low and I see nearby bushes gyrating wildly, but it only registers 5 mph or less.


Also your Tempest device (ST-00006700) is on firmware v134. That’s many versions ago! The version that most all the Tempest devices have is v156. Send a message to WF Support. . .or. . .Chat with them to have them update your device to FW v156.

Your WF-HUB01 is on the most recent FW. . .version 171.

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Thank you.

I did just that and they’ll fix it on Monday.

Good. Everything will be up-to-date. Any future firmwares will be automatically sent via Wi-Fi to your system.

I’ll help by checking your station’s status on Monday sometime. To check station status… go toward the bottom or your Tempest page and find the little green dot and the word “Online” next to it. Click that and it will take you to the Settings (Status) page. This will show the particulars for your Hub (HB-00020244) and your Tempest device (ST-00006700).

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My Tempest stopped reporting to WeatherUnderground…had problems at 5pm 2 days in row…and now just no reporting. Tempest reporting is fine!