Latest Tempest Firmware is still 134?

My tempest is on version 134 and the hub is on 170. I have seen that 170 is the current version for the hub, but is 134 still the current version for the Tempest unit?

I believe that 134 was pushed about 1 year ago, heard to believe there has been no update since that time.

I have been hoping that new firmware would fix the frequent reboots that I have been seeing for a long time.



there is newer firmware. I guess it will be made available soon.

I was at 134 forever too. My unit stopped reporting lightning strikes and also started showing wind failed under status. Opened a ticket and they said they could not upgrade the firmware (Tempest FW 134, hub is 170). They sent out a replacement and its firmware is 153. This one failed in less than 24 hours so another replacement is supposed to get here tomorrow. I’ve seen some units on 150 as well.

EDIT: Some users here can remotely reboot the outdoor pack. This feature whether via web or mobile app (or both) would be EXTREMELY useful! Some of us have their units mounted in places that are not easily accessible!

Users can’t reboot the tempest. Only staff and i can. If needed just ping us and we’d gladly do it for you.

I wonder if I should be concerned that my unit is still stuck on 134?

Nope, today there is not yet a full roll out as there are still minor tweaks added to solve as many as possible small problem not even seen by us users. Didn’t get any ETA when it will be released.

If 134 is release then what about units at 150 or 153?
My replacement was working great for the first 20 hours.
The only thing I noticed was LIGHTNING DISTURBER in status during a storm.
The unit is far separated from any sources of EMI so perhaps some of the legitimate sferic events are being flagged as EMI?

Replacement unit #2 had 153. Noticed it was at 155 this AM.
Still seeing LIGHTNING DISTURBER in status. It’s sunny and clear, no sferics on AM 1MHz. Not sure why it’s showing that. We had a lightshow last night (lots of lightning but no rain) and it appeared to be registering strikes normally.

The sensor pack is on a 1.25" ID schedule 80 mast out of a 25G tower, all steel and well earthed. The sensor is approx 650’ MSL or 41’ AGL. EMI well below any thresholds that would register any interference.

lightning disturber by itself is not a problem of the unit itself. It is just a signal from the detector chip that detected something but decided it wasn’t lightning.
Something in your environment, would be causing this.

Never saw this until I got replacement unit with FW 153.
With the second replacement on 155 I see it constantly.
It has to be a fluke as the only transmitters in range are wifi hardware at 2.4 and 5.0 GHz!
Another difference with this second unit is the battery voltage is much lower. Even in full sun today it peaked at 2.61. My original unit and the first replacement behaved identically, reaching 2.8+ after an hour of sunlight. Of course this one was much lower (2.45 at first power up) so that may be it, I dunno.

lightning disturbance isn’t caused by normal radio transmitters like wifi, bluetooth, etc. but more likely from a relais causing a tiny spark, a motor or compressor turning on, a switch, an airco etc.

Exactly and nothing like that is within range of the unit for sure.
I guess it can be ignored since it’s reporting this continuously.