New Tempest firmware: v133

The latest production Tempest firmware, v133, is (slowly) rolling out now. This build adds several minor improvements, including a fix for a bug that created a northerly direction bias under certain conditions, an issue that was causing backfill to occasionally fail, a preponderance of false “LIGHTNING_FAILED” flags from some stations with perfectly good lightning sensors, along with several other bugs and performance issues. It will take 7-10 days for this build to make it to all devices, so don’t panic if you are still on v129 for a few more days! Also, sensor sampling is disabled during the firmware update process so you may notice a gap in the observation time series of 8-12 minutes.


Update on Tempest v133: We discovered a couple other rare issues since that we wanted to include fixes for in this round, and rather than do two separate updates back-to-back we are going to skip the v133 rollout and instead go right to v134. That update will begin rolling out in the coming days. Thanks for your continued patience!


FYI. ST-00001229 has rebooted three times the past two days.

Will this update get rid of my repeating clusters of lightning sensor errors?

Most likely. It sounds like you’re experiencing this:

I see where it rebooted twice today. Any idea what is going on with the Tempest?

Hmmm, that’s hard to diagnose. There are several watchdogs that could be tripping. Were you seeing reboots like that before the v133 update?

I mention this because it just started.

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I figured that was true, just wanted to confirm. That’s concerning, but we’ve not seen that in other Tempests, running v133 or otherwise, and there have been no changes to the software watchdogs in v133. So we either introduced something in v133, or your reboot issue is unrelated to firmware.

Either way, let’s see if anything changes after your Tempest is running v134 (coming later today to field testers).


Here is the history of ST-00001229 since it was installed.

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How did you pull up that info?

It is from @GaryFunk’s own third party application. You can check it out here: ArchiveSW - Display & Data Archive Storage

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I built an application that I connect the Hub to and it monitors and records all data passed through it.

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Not sure if its related, but after upgrading to firmware v133, my field test station (15617) no longer reports wind. (and no, I don’t have v134 yet).

Installed a Tempest station here at Panama City Beach, FL. The Tempest firmware is still at 129. How long does it take for it to update to 133

It’s my understanding WF is skipping 133 and will deploy 134 in a few weeks. 133 will be skipped due to some issues discovered during rollout.


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Yes, v133 is being skipped. My comment was on a Field Test unit (I thought this post was in the Field Test area… oops). I believe only Field Test units received v133 and thats where the issues were found and they decided to skip this firmware to correct some issues

So I’m a new user. It appears v133 was pushed to me…?