Latest firmware for tempest

Hello , I have a second tempest and one tempest has firmware 163 and my other tempest is showing 156 firmware, shouldn’t I have the latest numbers on both units by now? Also are other people still showing the lower number of 156? Thankyou

are you sure you are not confusing it with the firmware of the hub?

here are my numbers
tempest-45352 is-163
tempest-48435 is-156

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fyi, my hub is on 171, my tempest are on 156 and 153

why do you think yours and mine are not up to the latest numbers at 163? And how important is it to have the latest firmware?

unless I know I’m experiencing a problem that is related to firmware, I’m not going to bug support with this. It will probably gets it’s update when needed. It happened that they stopped rolling out firmware due to a problem discovered in the last minute, so having the latest firmware isn’t always the best.

thanks sunny I’m not going to bug any one about this unless I have real issues to contact support. Besides I noticed they took down the chat feature so I’m thinking they don’t want people backing them up with questions and issues that way. They do have the help button so I’m assuming that is the best way to contact them that I know of.

Case-in-point. . .Tempest firmware v133 was pushed out in May of last year (2020) “for a couple rare issues related to wind and pressure reporting” . . . but other issues developed which halted the remainder of the v133 roll out. My Tempests did not get the v133 roll out. Later on. . .in July 2020. . .WF pushed out Tempest firmware v134 which also had reported issues. As I recall. . .my Tempest devices went from v129 to v139 then to v143…v149…v153 then finally landed on v156 which is where all three of them are right now.