Firmware Updates

I have two Tempests running ST-00018828 with Firmware 156 and a replacement unit for another one ST-00044155 with Firmware 164. I am running Hub Firmware 171

As my first one is the older of the two will it get its firware updated at any time?

The Firmware appears to be very stable now…as compared to 14 months ago when things still “a bit shakey.” I have 3 Tempest° devices. Two of them are on FW v156 and the third one is on FW v165…but that’s because it is a Replacement from one that had a Temp/RH sensor fail.

I had to contact WF support to have them manually push v165 into the Replaced device because it originally had v134 on it. . .and v134 was too old to perform Power Booster Tests (need to have v156 or higher).

Basically. . .since FW is now stable. . .automatic updates don’t happen unless there is a Majorly change which would warrant a massive FW roll out.

All Brand New Tempest° devices (I got a 4th one last week for Christmas!) issued within the last several months most likely have v165 and its associated Hub will most likely have FW v173. . .both of which are the latest issuances.

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Good day and Happy New Year.

I’m new to the forum and not sure if I am replying to an old thread (I think it’s current but not sure).

My new Tempest has the above mentioned FW of v165, but the hub has revision v177. Just figured I would throw that out there if it helps anyone.


Welcome LibbyWX. Be sure to poke around on the other topics to learn / absorb as much as you can about Tempest.

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Great thanks for that