How are Firmware Updates handled?

My station appears to be running on out of date firmware. How do you do a firmware update?

Firmware is automatically pushed out to devices by WeatherFlow. What is the link to your station, or your station ID?

ST-00006252. I don’t see how to obtain the station link. I obtained my station in the initial crowd funding campaign and before receipt started a massive multi-year home remodel and the unit got lost in the shuffle. I just pulled it out and set it up. What little I knew when I received it, I’m now relearning! Thanks for your help.

That number is the Tempest sensor serial number. You can get the link to your station by tapping the share icon at the bottom of the page. The link will look kike this: the difference for yours is that the number at the end will be your station ID rather than mine.

You can also get your station ID from the page where you can see the firmware version. Here is an example from my station linked above.

You can see the station ID at the top of the Hub section because the station ID is tied to the hub.

I should add that if your station has only been online for a few days, it should get updated automatically. I don’t remember how often WF scans all the stations to do updates bit I don’t think it is very long.

your station link is Tempest

I just upped your hub to 177 which is about latest for now. I can’t upgrade the Tempest (not sure when that will happen and if it will since you are quite some versions behind). Let it do for now and if it didn’t upgrade in a week open a support ticket and ask for it. It can only be done by technicians as it is tricky.

And welcome back :slight_smile:


Super! Thanks for your help.

Hi Eric – This thread prompted me to look at my station (27698) firmware. I’m on 156, should it be higher? My station hasn’t been offline (uptime is currently 422 days), if that matters.

There isn’t much difference between Tempest FW v156 and v165 if you don’t have a Power Booster Accessory attached. One of my stations is still on v156 and I don’t see any difference between it and my other stations.


I have a stupid question. What is the HUB? My device doesn’t have a hub or at least I can’t see that.

If you have a working station, you have a HUB. The hub is the part that is usually inside your house and is plugged into a micro-USB cord and power supply. It also has the LED on the back which is green when the station has contact with WeatherFlow servers, is red when that connection is lost, and is blue when it has a Bluetooth connection to your mobile device. The device that is usually outside is the sensor and now days is most likely the Tempest sensor unless you have the first-generation SKY and AIR sensors. In the picture below, the Tempest sensor is on the left and the hub is on the right. Together with the WF server backend and AI comprises a Tempest Weather System.

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Thanks. I was thinking you had the pro hub unit which I backed but never received. How do you see it on the app like in those photos? My app at least from what I can tell doesn’t show information about my hub.

This is your status page and the first part is regarding the hub (it uses the name of the station) and the serial starts with hb-xxxxxx

second part is your Tempest with a serial ST-xxxxx

Hope this helps you understand better.

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I just installed a second Tempest station at my main home and noticed that the firmware on my new station is 172, the old station I installed this past June at my lake property says version 165. Both hubs say version 177. When will my old station get the update? What is the difference between 165 & 172 and how long has 172 been out? Are there any versions between 165 & 172?

My hub is on version 171 and my station is on 156. I guess I am running old firmware. I too would like to know what differences there are in the firmware versions. How come mine has not autoupdated to the latest versions?

What should our hub and station be at? My hub is 171 and my station is 156.

Mine devices are the same.

My hub is at 180, and my station is at 172.


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If you don’t have the Power Booster Accessory, then the firmware you have is fine. If you do have a PBA attached, then you could ask support to bump the firmware to at least v165 so it will play nice with the PBA on batteries.

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My Station is ST-00001061

I’m at 163 and I use a PBA. Can I get this updated?

WF support can update the firmware for you, just open a support ticket using the link in the menu above.

BTW, you listed the serial number for your Tempest, not your station ID. The station ID is the number at the end of the link to your station or you can find it in Settings, Stations, station name, Status.

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