How are Firmware Updates handled?

I have what I think is the latest firmwares for hub and station: 177 and 172. I also have a PBA attached since Feb '23. 8 x Lithium batteries ($25 of batteries!!) - they were DEAD by May. My graph of voltage shows 2.82v from the day I plugged in the PBA to the day batteries died, then it started doing the normal 2.81v at the sunniest part of the day going down to about 2.64 overnight. So if the firmware I am on is supposed to play “nice” with the batteries, it’s not.

Might be time to open a support ticket on it then.

can you update my station also please (ST-00058823)?
ST ID 70472, DEVICE ID 190658

I just purchased my station and my versions are 187 for the hub and 173 for the device. Can’t tell if they are the latest, though. They are definitely higher than any listed previously :pig_nose:

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One of my TWS`s (Tempest Weather Systems) has the same FirmWare Revision you mentioned. . . although I have seen a Hub with FWR of v192.

My hub is 119… and tempest is 156… my tempests won’t charge… and I have a power booster… how do I update them? These are my 3rd tempests for this same issue. If they can’t be fixed I will go to a different brand… I’m not buying a new tempest every other year.

Paul. . .send a message to support and ask them to please update both your Hub and your Tempest device. Since this is a Saturday. . .it may take them until Monday or Tuesday of next. week. IF don’t hear from them by. . .say next Wednesday. . .follow up by going onto the live Chat session and they will see that you have opened a support ticket with them. The firmware updates will take about an hour to accomplish. You’ll know when your devices are being updated. . .because 1) the LED on your Hub will turn from Green to Red. . .indicating that the update is in progress and 2) when you look at a card view of your station. . .it will indicate “Offline”. They push the latest firmware update to the Hub first. . .then they push a firmware update to the Tempest device secondly. . .v i a . . . the Hub. . .after it’s been updated to the latest version.

Followup. . .I forgot to mention. . .to get to a Live Chat session with WF | t° . . .use this URL:
Tempest Weather System – WeatherFlow

On weekends and After Hours. . .the " ? Help " in the yellow area at the lower right-hand corner will change to " Chat " once they open up the “Chat line”. The technicians who operate the “Chat line” live and work in various parts of the country. . .but they are employed by WF | t° .



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Thanks! I’ll give that a shot. Hopefully that will fix the power charging issues.

They (WF | t°) once said that in order for the Power Booster (either Field Test version or the actual Production version) to work most efficiently…that the Tempest° device needs to be on at least firmware revision v165 in order to properly communicate with the Power Booser. However. . .then I saw elsewhere on this Community Forum (can’t remember which Topic is was under, though). . .that the Power Booster will work with Any Tempest° Firmware release ≥ v156. . .but it’s always best to have the latest updates.

A Tempest on any firmware version should charge from a PBA the same as I was able to manually charge a very early field test unit using a bench top power supply. The firmware on this particular Tempest had no power saving mode and was running a version with debugging code running. It is that firmware v165 or higher know a when the PBA is on batteries or external power and adjusts it’s charging parameters.

That said, I do have a field test Tempest which knows when it is hooked to a PBA but still won’t charge, so there may be production units which have this same glitch.

What’s the check-in process for the Hub and the Station to detect down-level versions? E.g. is this from WeatherFlow outwards, or do the stations check in from the edge? Is there a reason why support folks here are having to manually push updates, instead of the system automatically updating?

I see 187 (hub) and 173 (station) for mine (HB-00128315 / ST-00118994) with a station uptime of 51d. I’m not seeing any issues, but I’m surprised if 177 is the latest, then why is the station not at least on one below that.

Is there a reference page for these versions, and do you have the concept of long-term stable releases, major releases and minor releases in this single-number version scheme?

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I got my hub and tempest in July 2023, at that time of installation my hub was running on firmware version 177 and the device on firmware version 173. The original tempest device failed and hence I got a relacement device in November 2023, which was also came with firmware version 173. But, today when I checked, my hub is running on firmware version 194 and tempest device still on firmware version 173. Seems my hub firmware has been automatically updated to version 194.

WF | t° continually samples and analyzes all stations. Newer Tempest° devices have Firmware Revision in the neighvorhood of v172 to v174 (My 4 Tempest° devices are on FW Revision 165). Their (WF | t°) backend servers determine which Hubs are in need a Firmware revision update. Older Hubs (like mine. . .v171) probably will never be updated because the backend server has determined that my 4 x Hubs are functioning just fine and don’t need to be updated. IF I was so inclined. . .I could open up a CHAT session and request that my 4 Hubs be updated to v187 or v194. . .but I don’t see the need to do that because all 4 of my stations of working just fine. IF they ever did upgrade my 4 Hubs to a version > 171. . .that’d be fine. IF my 4 Hubs Never get updated beyond v171. . .that’s FBM (FineByMe) too!

The Tempest sensor’s firmware version number is not related to the Hub’s version number.

WF-T occasionally pushes out major Hub firmware to everyone, in small batches staggered over a week or so. This appears to be going on now. If your Hub or station has issues with the new firmware, please open a support ticket.

Note that wide scale Tempest sensor firmware updates are less frequent/common, because of occasional device brickings from failed updates in the past if I recall correctly…


My Tempest stopped reporting pressure after a firmware update. I got an email that the update failed but Resetting did not solve the problem. It was working fine just before the upgrade. Support say they can’t undo it or go back to the original firmware. My advice do not upgrade if your station is working fine.

Generally, firmware updates are automatically pushed out by WeatherFlow.

You don’t have a link to your station in your profile so I couldn’t check, so I’m assuming you are referring to the Tempest sensor and not the hub. If the firmware did actually break the pressure reporting, WF may be able to fix it with a firmware update or a replacement. Did you ask about that?

2 Likes The ‘faulty’ sensor is ST-00059957. WF says the pressure sensor was probably bad before and this unit was already replaced earlier because of a failing battery. WF seems not motivated or willing to solve the problem.

Is the firmware on my hub checked periodically? How can I be certain it is running the same code you loaded? I know it is encrypted but is there a checksum? Or does it get reloaded periodically? I kind of like to know what is running on my network.

A sniffer is your friend. Google search too. Search for the forums here much less so (it can be tough to find things).

Basically there is a constant connection from the hub to the wf servers and stuff runs through that tunnel. They push back through the tunnel (so to speak) with tuning and firmware updates on a rolling basis. Sometimes they miss stations and you have to ask.

The hub will also broadcast udp/50222 for the local LAN API of data. If you’re concerned about this I’d suggest adding some kind of IoT VLAN on your LAN to isolate the hub from anything else.