HUB Firmware Revision v171

I’ve recently undertaken a “tedious” project" to see what firmware version most of the Tempest stations have. Of the hundreds and hundreds of stations I have polled. . .most (~75%) of them are on Firmware v171. A few stations (like the 4 of mine) are still on v170. What update (parameters) does v171 provide for the majority of stations that have it as opposed v170 for the ones not yet updated?

most significant add to this firmware is a backup DNS server as with some wifi connections, those are coming in or late, not at all or are from some weird ISP not letting the Hub talk to the servers. That’s about it. And if you want to know which DNS, one I banned very long ago for trying to sneak way to much :wink:

I’m assuming. . .as in past firmware “roll-outs” that it takes a considerable amount of time to get many stations upgraded. New stations (which people have recently purchased) are probably already “factory-updated” with v171.

I’ve also noticed a couple of stations on FW v172 !

I would like to start logging the various firmware levels on mine so I can see if that matches a new issue (like my recent wifi drops)

You must be polling public data about stations… via the web or api?
Do you know if there is a way to query the devices on the local network for this info?


It’s in the UDP broadcasts the Hub emits.

03/24/2024 Querry/Update: seems like Most of the 135K world-wide WF-Hubs have been updated to Firmware v194. I have a couple of WF Hubs that are still “behind the times” and would like to get those updated to v194 as well. One Hub in particular is still poking along at v126. Have not seen its LED go Red yet indicating that it is yet to be updated. That Hub is connected to one of my old Field Test ST devices.

the upgrade round is not yet finished, we’re about 83 % done of the worldwide park. Patience patience … I know :innocent:


Is that a good number for how many WF systems are out there ???

Any data on individual Air, Sky, and Tempest counts for what sensors are out there ?

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Not sure about the number of stations that are Actually out there. . .I just Guessed based on my latest StationID of 135794. Seems though that StationIDs are assigned Numerically. I saw one with 135793 and 135799. Many older (previous [Field Tester]) ID numbers no longer exist because many those stations have been “taken off the air.”

A semi-official count would be a very helpful thing for folks trying to decide whether to support Air+Sky in their applications or dashboards they make available to the user community…

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