Where to find Hub firmware version info

Once you connect to the Hub via BLE, where do you look in the app to find the firmware version? Thanks.

Touch the Gear in the upper left corner.
Then Stations
Then the station
Then Online at the lower left


Thanks, that worked liek a charm. Rev level is 0.98, which may explain the reduction in falses I’ve seen recently.

Mine is showing firmware version 98. My rain accumulation is a lot better, my Ambient 2902 and my WF both showed .003 for light rain we had this morning. I know sometimes the wind, how hard it is raining might play a part in accuracies but I am very satisfied with the results. Getting to really like my WF more everyday!!

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You will receive 103, shortly.

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Alright! I love my WF and think it is an awesome station. Will be glad to see the Breathe when it comes available. That’s the next thing on my wish list!

Version 103 is here! You know what the updates are?

New Hub Firmware v103 over here

Sorry Gary, found the thread for this.