New Hub Firmware v103

The latest Hub firmware, v103, is rolling out to all stations starting today, 13 December. There are two significant changes since v98:

  • Improved wind speed QC algorithms (addressing the issue discussed in this thread)
  • Improved RH overflow correction for older AIR units (which should resolve the dreaded “overflow” issue for anyone still experiencing it)

In summary: most users will not notice anything and some users may notice an improvement.


Aha, That’s why the led of my hub turned yellow and purple.
Nice to see a live firmware upgrade. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Since the 13th, more notably today, December 15th I’ve recorded
erroneous winds gusts of up to 75.6mph when gusts have been in the low teens only.
Will share pictorial of problems in a separate posting since my erroneous data follows a
new update.

One thought to keep in mind is the Sky can measure a 500ms micro-burst of wind where other units will not even notice it.


I think my WF just keeps getting better all the time! I have three stations real close together and just about all three are close enough to be satisfied. Someday my WF & Ambient 2902 are near identical! For the low price point of each station I think that is great! I mean we are not spending thousands of dollars and we are getting pretty good reliable data for our backyards.


I have to agree. My rain totals and wind measurements are much closer to my $1300 Rainwise station (and Cocorahs than the used to be.


How to upgrade the firmware? I can’t find a link to download.
My hub is NOT coming online after initial setup…
My SKY is also offline.
Both air and sky were detected by the app and added, but air is online and sky is offline.

I see my hub connected to my wifi router… I can see the IP inside the admin gui. And even TX rates from hub to wifi are non-zero… So it is connected and communicating… But the app display the hub is offline.

Do you have a fire wall running on your router?
What us the situation when your phone is connected to the Hub via Bluetooth?
Can you check with the second device whether the Website if your stations ID ( btw which is it?) show any actual data and the status will change to online ?

firmware is upgraded automagically, there is nothing you have to do. I can take some time as the checks aren’t all the time but eventually it should upgrade. If not in a day or 2, then let us know and we’ll send a little push to wfsupport to manually do it.

Regarding the rest maybe you could start by giving some info like station number so others can have a look and see what they see. Maybe also explain a little more in detail what you did to set it up (though it is pretty simple) and where you look for results (what kinda phone etc)

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Hi @dima.avramenko . Nice to see your new station reporting the weather from Singapore. Your data has been flowing in consistently every 1min for the last 4+ hours. By the way, your station ID = 6113 and your HUB is running the latest firmware v103. Any subsequent firmware update are automatically applied; you do not have to do anything.

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