New Hub Firmware v98

The latest Hub firmware, v98, is rolling out to all stations today 26 October. Here’s the summary of significant changes since v94:

  • added additional methods to upgrade firmware and set time
  • added watchdog to hopefully correct “blue LED lockup” issue.
  • added ability to use sensor devices to set the hub’s time when other methods (Internet, BLE) fail
  • corrected direction calculation for low wind speeds

Always improving.


not always, but most of the time :wink:

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Hello there. My hub is still at v94. How does one update?

Send an email to with your Hub serial number and your contact information.

update is pushed to your hub, but it can take some time before all stations are done. It is trickle wise as not to overload systems I think and last time it took several days.

But you can always do as Gary said if tomorrow it hasn’t updated.

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Thank you :blush:
I’m looking forward to eliminating my false wind speed direction.

Thx, @WFmarketing

Noticed BFT is added to wind speed options, :+1:

How do I set Rain to last 24 hrs?

You should be at v98 now.

To keep it simple, the apps display rain totals for the “local day” (“yesterday” and “today” in the main UI and for any other day on the graphs by zooming all the way out). If you’d like to see it differently, please add a request to the Feature Requests category

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Many thanks! My hub is now at version 98. As far as the notes mentioned for v98, " * added additional methods to upgrade firmware and set time" does “additional methods” mean that this will come with an update iOS app?

Thanks again,

No, nothing that you would notice in the app or otherwise - just a couple things to make firmware updates more robust.

It appears V98 has knocked my rain sensitivity out. Despite moderate to heavy rain over the last day or so nothing has been recorded. My Weather Stn. is 2120.

Lots of useful information on rainfall here: Anybody Had any rain Since firmware update v94 (don’t let v94 in the title put you off)

Essentially, every SKY unit is still using the same calibration curve, despite the fact that the exact method used to mount the SKY has a large impact on its sensitivity. This is making some too sensitive, some under sensitive and some just right. This will be fixed when WF roll out the continuous learning scheme for rainfall, and the calibration becomes specific to each station.

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It looks my Sky is back to recording rain. Today it’s been quite wet with approximately 8mm of rain. This is within + or - 1mm compared with neighbouring weather stations of various makes in nearby streets so the accuracy seems to be good as well.


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