Customizing of Android / IOS dedicated display page

I have a few unused IOS and Android devices that work OK as dedicated Tempest displays. (In my experience, it seems that, some older devices that can’t run modern apps without crashing are perfectly happy running as dedicated Tempest displays 24/7. Go figure.)

However, the current display is not very exciting and is a little annoying to use.

For example, it would be really useful if it were possible to alter the font sizes so that one doesn’t have to scroll back and forth all the time to see all the Tempest fields. It should be possible to display all of the Tempest current data on one screen, even on a phone. Certainly on a pad! (Since screen sizes and resolutions vary so widely, allowing the users themselves to set the text size might be the easiest way to ensure that the display is readable for everyone. If the screen is really small or lo-res, they could continue to use scrolling to see all the fields.)

Some other possible things that could be customized:

  • The order in which fields are displayed

  • Background and text color.

  • Setting alert limits by field and changing the field colors if a limit is exceeded.

  • Graphics or icons to show current weather conditions.

  • Different options for Landscape vs Portrait orientation

  • I’m sure there are lots of other ways users might want to alter their station’s data display. (Any ideas would be welcome.)

If this is too difficult, maybe offering a number of predefined user templates for the display page would be easier.

Since Tempest doesn’t have a dedicated display (yet), allowing users the flexibility to create their own dedicated display page for their weather station could actually become a selling point. This approach would be less expensive for users (if they have devices lying around) and also cheaper for WeatherFlow to implement. Also, any hardware dedicated display device will look dated after a few years, so doing it in software would make it easier to stay current and to display new features as they are incorporated into the sensor.

If you are referring to the card or grid display (the blue background one) then all you have to do is tap&hold a card in the app and move it to where you want it.


Thanks gizmoev!

The order of fields can indeed be changed the way you mentioned. But my other suggestions might still be useful.


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If the app looked the same as what’s on the weatherflow website, I’d like it more. But a full screen/single screen display option would be great.

Go to Settings and scroll down to the Display Options section for Always On Mode an Full Screen Mode.

That only removes the 3 button bottom bar, it doesn’t actually go full screen and remove the top notification area and it isn’t a single page, you still have to scroll, layout isn’t dynamic to fit to screen.

How are you getting the web version to scale to fit vertically? I have to scroll unless I have a high resolution monitor or are you just telling the browser to scale it?

I’m using the tempest Android app, it doesn’t scale to fit a single screen but the data could be laid out easily for a tablet display on a single screen.

For a single screen weather app I am using WhatWeather Pro on a tablet, it can retrieve Netatmo and WU data directly, but I know Tempest could have a more visually appealing layout with graphs similar to PWSweather.

One of a few Android devices I have set up in my home…


It looks like you have a forecast on the top plus 7 data elements. My display on any device has just 6 data elements. How did you get the added data to display? I see tap and hold on this screen can reorder the elements – thats all I can find to customize. Thanks!

I see the other suggestion of a dedicated home display device – but I would agree a user-customizable display would likely be better. From a small phone screen to a large tablet – we need to be able to adjust font sizes and content to best use the screen size, see from across the room, and have something approximating the visual appeal of standalone displays from other weather systems!!!

Some work on the Android and IOS Apps could make the displays look as good as, or better than, the dedicated displays one can get from other weather systems. Being entirely S/W based, the displays could be easily upgradeable as display technology in PADs and Smart Phones improves. Tempest has by far the best weather station HW in this price range and I think it’s a shame that people are complaining about the lack of a dedicated display. I still think that allowing users to customize their own displays could be turned into a great selling feature and would cost less for Tempest than having to spend the time and resources to build a dedicated display device. (It would also be more cost effective for customers since most users probably have old devices lying around.)

I use an old IPAD and an old Android phone as 24/7 dedicated displays. Works well, but the displays could be so much better.

The link below shows some sample screens from Lacrosse weather displays. Surely Tempest could provide something just as nice looking. And flexible enough to accommodate both landscape and portrait modes.

I use the web url and package as a webapp on Android. I adjust visual using the web settings login. Not at a place I can review now but if you still need assistance, let me know.