Daily reset time - preset or adjustable

Hi, I received my unit recently and I am testing it at the moment. I have noticed that the reset time appears to be based on that of the calendar, i.e. midnight. However the UK Met Office measurement period states their period of measurement is as below:
Daily climate variables

Climate Variable Definition
Maximum air temperature Maximum air temperature measured between 0900 UTC on day D and 0900 UTC on day D+1 (oC)
Minimum air temperature Minimum air temperature measured between 0900 UTC on day D-1 and 0900 UTC on day D (oC)
Mean air temperature Average of the daily maximum and minimum temperature (oC)
Precipitation Total precipitation amount measured between 0900 UTC on day D and 0900 on day D+1 (mm)
Can the reset time be adjusted OR as I seem to remember on Davis units it’s fixed.
I’m use to the UK Met Office period which I have used for years, so I was wondering if I have missed something (still learning about the unit).

Hello dorsetbred

Again the same answer, the app is meant to be as simple as possible and can’t nor will be able to suit each and everyone’s wish. There are already many 3rd party apps available to get the most of the data and to make your own stats, website, …

Have a look at this section

For sure you’ll find a solution to what you wish, maybe with some work your side but all data is open to use via different channels.

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Thanks and a fair answer, I was just wondering. I suppose to tailor the app to every foible would be impossible. I’ll run it through my TP app and adjust it there, thanks for your answer.

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