Data volume usage

I want to set up a weather station in an small cabin that has only internet by satellite and is capped with a small quota. Can you them me what the upload frequency and data size is?

I would assume it would be like the UDP data, i.e a 1 line text file, sent via http or web socket
so that is not going to use much
but then it will slowly add up when you take into account the update rate (which must be like every 3 seconds to pick up the windspeed data)

I would make a rough guess at between 180 and 200 MBytes a month.

I figure about 4000 bytes a minute.
4000 x 1440 x 30 = 172,800,000.

Then add 10% for overhead and some other data.

it will be similar to wunderground rapid fire, and people have asked and worked out how much that data uses on, so maybe do a search there?