Dew point has been running low

First time posting, great site, and thanks to all for the questions and answers!
My question is: is there a way to reset the Air to correct for low dew point? I’ve had my station up and running for a month now, and everything seems accurate except for the dew point. The first week or so showed pretty close to surrounding stations, and the METAR at Brainerd, MN KBRD, but now is running at least 10 degrees cooler. I understand the local micro climate suggestions. I actually live on the south shore of a giant lake, so with the moisture available from that, I would think it should be running higher.

The Sky unit has been awesome!

Thank you for any ideas regarding the dew point!

Dew point is calculated from humidity. So look at the humidity readings and see if they are wrong.


Hi @fishhawk1850, thanks for reaching out to us about this. We are taking a look at your data and it appears to be a calibration issue that should be rectified shortly. You won’t need to take any action other than letting us know if things still look off over the next couple of days. Thanks again…have a great weekend!

WeatherFlow Staff


Thank you for the calibration, looks good now, and I’ll continue to watch it.

That’s really cool that you can remotely calibrate the components, can you reset the clock on my microwave?? LOL!

Thanks again!

Jeff Brown