Replacement Air Issue

Received a replacement air unit last night and put batteries in it. My old Air unit worked fine but would drain the batteries every 3 months. The new unit though seems to be having some other issues. The temperature is 14F too warm right now, 94F vs 80F at all surrounding stations and all night it stayed about 10 degrees too warm. The dewpoint/humidity is also way too low at 60F vs 74F at surrounding locations. Any ideas what’s going on here? Is there something I need to change? It’s in the exact same location as my old Air which was always spot on with temp and dewpoint.

Update. It’s currently reporting 103.3 for the temp and a humidity of 14%. Surrounding stations are 90F with humidity of 50-55%. What is going on with the replacement unit?

There isn’t much we can do on forum for you. Humidity will be getting a calibration after some time for sure. Temp is another issue

You know how to contact support, guess it is time to do it again and ask them to look at your data. They’ll help you out for sure as they did first time

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Yeah but humidity of 18% isn’t even close, it should be somewhat close within 5-10% or so. And the temperature is 10-15F too warm too. I wonder if somehow the calibrations made to the previous air sensor have glitched and caused this one to be off?

Now my entire hub is offline, it shows green but when I go into the app it says the hub is offline and is completely blank in the hub status area. It’s still receiving data from my sky unit but not the air unit. Tried a few reboots but no luck there.

That is why @Eric said it should be getting a calibration after a while, which could be several days. In any case, reach out to support again.

Yeah I agree but normally a unit should be within a certain range. To be off 30% or more on humidity and 10-15F off on temp doesn’t seem like a calibration issue to me. It would seem to indicate a hardware fault of some sort would it not? Or is it somehow possible the calibrations applied to the previous Air are applying to the new one and somehow skewing the results? For comparison purposes I set up the new air and old air side by side to see the difference. Being off nearly 50% on humidity and 9 degrees at night seems pretty wild to me. I did reach out to support as well to see what they say.

IIRC, there have been cases of a device not getting recalibrate or using an old device’s calibration.