Wind sensor errors since last update

My Tempest got the 134 firmware update on Thursday, and since it updated I’ve seen it throw wind sensor failures in increasing numbers each day. On Thursday there were 5, on Friday there were 10, and so far already this Saturday morning there are 31.

Has anyone else seen this? It’s notable that there were no wind sensor failures at all prior to the update.

Yeah Tempest is showing lots of wind but Sky (right next to it) is showing no wind. Security camera view shows no wind at all either.

Tempest also showing Wind_Failed.

Not sure what’s going on … My station is 25254.

Dan I changed the FW of your hub + rebooted your tempest + sky

The failed message is gone for now on the Tempest (might be something that hung or just luck with reboot)

Keep an eye on it the coming hours/days … see if this is now solved or not. If it shows failed again, no other option than to open a support ticket and Weatherflow will investigate/change it as necessary.

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Merci Éric. You’re awesome.

Will continue to monitor. Tempest wind values are back down now. Sky is showing 0 although it’s about 3 feet lower. I’ll give it 24 hrs for a good wind pattern.

Now if only my Air humidity would work. It’s been tracking 99% humidity for several days…been that high since I reset it upon Tempest install.

Never a dull moment !

Checking in again… I just did a full reset of Tempest and Sky. Tempest is currently next to me inside my home and is showing wind values … something is wrong with the sensor as suspected. I’ll open a ticket.

My Air also is showing constantly high humidity at 99% over 4 days. Should be 20% lower. Just started this behaviour since I reset it 4 days ago.

Must admit I’m a bit disappointed seeing the challenges with Tempest and Air at this point, but such is life. Thanks much for all your assistance in here though. Your problem-solving help, along with a few of your peers in here, is super helpful.

for the air, it can happen it goes overflow with extreme humidity, I had one like that … I think your’s is an old one with the old sensor.

The newer ones are less prone to this. In the meantime you can set your air in an over at 50-60°C and let it dry out. Once done just kick it out in nature again. As long you don’t go for longer periods in high humidity it’ll behave till the newer one comes in. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the info. Yes I’ve had Air for a while… It’s in an Ambient shield using solar… and despite a few incorrect lightning measures, it’s done super well until now.

Merci encore !

Air is currently in the oven drying out at 100F (37C). Thanks for the great idea to lower the humidity sensor levels, at least to test it out. You’re so creative !

As far as Tempest, I know the wind sensor is defective - it’s still showing wind despite a full reset.

Looking forward to having a full set of working instruments soon.

I just moved my Tempest Production unit outside and getting Wind Sensor Failure.
Station ID:24352

I’ve put in a ticket for a related problem. Tempest is showing 3-4 kph wind values even when inside wrapped in a towel.

On my 3rd Tempest… same problem with wind seems to pop up.

In very still air, Tempest will always measure about 6 kph wind from the south. When there is wind, it seems to measure fine and follows my nearby Sky measures, but for still conditions, it stays at about 6. I have a replacement Sky sitting just a couple feet away and it measure 0 winds, backed up by still tree leaves and small and puffy plants that remain still.

So… at this point I don’t know what to say or do. I know there are air currents all the time, but with a Sky unit right next to Tempest showing zero wind, and nearby plants still as stone showing no wind, it’s a mystery to me why Tempest is showing values when there should be none.

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