Suspicious high wind readings

I installed a brand new tempest unit three days ago.

Every night for a few hours the wind readings are completely off. It has shown sustained winds in the 50mph range despite it being a calm night. Now I’m noticing it even seems to be a problem during the day with readings that seem to be stuck.

Any ideas? Maybe it has a reset button or my location is the issue?

spiders? Little webs that have dew droplets attached ?

It’s brand new, just put it up 2 1/2 days ago.

If it’s because of dew droplets then this system has some serious problems, I’m not sure how you would prevent that.

It only seems to happen overnight though.

Right now it’s about 12 feet above ground. I’m thinking of trying to move it to the top of my roof. Think that would make any difference?

it’s waterproof, that isn’t the problem, but if some spider made a little web inside the gap that measures the wind, there might be dew droplets attached to the web. Those droplets will disturb the ultrasonic measurements. Just do a visual check when it happens.

The benefit of that or moving it somewhere else, even temporarily, is that it can eliminate any local effects of the current placement. You’ll also have a chance to see if any critter got into it. You could even place it inside overnight to see if it has the same behavior.

I just moved it to the peak of my house. We will see what happens tonight…


I am having the same problem during TS Beta.

Same problem with my brand new Tempest. Not sure this thing works.

Just sayng same thing doesn’t help anyone to help you

What is your station ID, can you share a few picture of the siting of your Tempest etc. Maybe with those elements we can start helping if possible.

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I am also having wind issues with one of my new Tempest devices. I have been working with support for a while but haven’t nailed the issue yet. I am getting consistent WIND_FAILED sensor status readings, and sometimes get wacky wind readings. For example, this was during a calm period this morning:

I have not been able to see any debris or foreign stuff in the sensor gap. Unfortunately this device is not easy to access on an antenna structure hundreds of feet in the air, so checking it regularly is not possible. However, spiders and debris up there is also unlikely.

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Good Morning. I installed a new Tempest this past Tuesday, and have noticed that every night when the temperature gets down to about 56 degrees, the wind information shows constant wind speeds of 10mph +/-, with occasional gusts over 50mph (it’s dead calm outside and verified by a Davis instrument package about two feet from the Tempest). Once it starts to warm in the morning past 56 degrees, the wind information returns to normal. I have sent an email for tech assistance, but due to a heavy influx of support requests, it may take a bit to get an answer - very understandable. Has anyone else seen this anomaly with their Tempest?

Hello, folks!

We’ve had our Tempest online since the first day it was released and have been ecstatic with its performance. In fact, the only hiccup we’ve had is that it went offline, once, due to a known glitch in the firmware, which was ultimately resolved.

This morning, I woke up and checked the Tempest’s readings and noticed that the wind speed completely off. There’s currently zero wind outside, but our readings are indicating that there’s a tropical storm.

Could someone please take a look at what might be happening and reset it for me?

Also, what might be causing this to happen?

Thank you, in advance, for your time and efforts!

An insect or any item in the gap like a drop of water will do that.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Put a ticket in with support. I had a similar issue and they replaced my device. Not saying it’s the same, but they may have to look further into it.

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Although I couldn’t visibly see any obstructions in the Tempest’s sensor gap, I took a garden hose and hit that area with a stream of water from two directions. From that point forward, everything went right back to normal. Thank you for the suggestion!


I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback! The issue was resolved, hopefully, permanently.


I had strange wind readings and mine would occasionally show wind fail under sensor. They are sending me a replacement unit. I’m a little concerned though given that the unit is less than a month old and already being replaced (along with the issues reported by others on these forums). My old ambient weather has been up for about 5 years with only occasional cleaning needed. Got this as the ambient weather is starting to show its age. Worried about the reliability and robustness of the unit at the moment though.

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Is there a way to delete this “rain on plate” wind gust of my Tempest…

Had a good storm passing trough this evening.


I thought you wanted to correct the rain, but you want to correct the wind. No, there is no solution for that. Sorry