Really high wind recordings

It has been raining for a little over 12 hours continuously. Think thar could have something to do with the erroneous wind reading? It had been pretty windy today, but i don’t think I beat the all time recorded wind speed record 3 times since 10am.

spider in the measuring gap??

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I checked, I didn’t see anything. I’m assuming it was the rain doing something weird.

yeah, that can happen as well. Instead of a spider, a drop of rain. Usually, due to a special coating, any raindrop quickly gets blown away.

Seems to be back to normal except the range of the wind data is locked at 0-500 mph. I thought some of the graphs adjust the range as you zoom in or out of scroll over to see previous data (verified temperature does this).

So my question, can I adjust the range somehow? Otherwise, it’s all basically flat at the bottom and not really useful. Or can I manually delete that erroneous data so it adjusts the range on its own? I definitely don’t want to delete all data.

If not, seems like a miss in the app and something that should be updated.

you can’t adjust the scale and it adjusts the scale depending on the zoom level. However the adjustment is done over the entire range you can scroll sideways. So, for the highest zoom level, where you can see the 1 minute updates, it scales over the full 24 hours you can see at that zoom level.
It sure needs a better graphing system.