My observations

Ive had my Air for about 7 months and the Sky for about 2 months
Initially my humidly readings were were on the high side, but with a WF calibration is been as close to what I expect. The accuracy of both the temperature and humidly are related to position Once I made up a screen based on a thingiverse design and positioned it in the best location I could find, its been reliably close local conditions as reported from close by stations.

The wind speed was a little on the low side, putting the Sky a little higher to clear it of disruptive sources, eg tree, bushes, structures, has made it close to other stations.

All of the other sensors, rain, lightning, UV, etc are so close to the local conditions its difficult to tell if it is in error. I now have more faith in the readings from the WF than from the other weather stations that I have owned (cheap Chinese clones and La Crosse )

Sure there are teething issues, that’s the game developing new hardware and software, To get it perfect for the infinite combinations of weather conditions is a difficult process.

Ive no had any network or connections issues, also I’m using my own app to display and record weather data. In all the months of logging , most time Ive lost is 5 minutes and that was my own doing


this is good to hear and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Maybe I spoke too soon. We had a day of constant slow rain. All of the near by stations reported approx 16-18mm mines report 48mm , not even close :frowning:

Thanks for the report, @garry. Rain sensor calibration is definitely one of those teething issues we’re working on. It will get better!


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