Lastest Observations

With the latest firmware and shock mounting of the air Ive had no false rain readings despite having high winds up to 55km/h. The temperature of the air track the local stations very closly, Now that the weather is finally warming up here, the air is showing odd humidity values. The max of the day is close, the the min drops to a value of 10-12% whereas the correct min is around 32-35%


Guess you mean sky in this part of the text :wink:

also, mention your station number, will be handy for those who want to have a closer look at your install, and if you can also maybe show a pic of the sitings …

Humidity is always very tricky as it can change easily 10 points when you move it from a paved section to middle garden …

Yes excuse me for being confused I meant Sky I will post some pics tomorrow,

My station id is 2403 and so far, despite some minor issues, I very impressed with the hardware. I’m using my own software to record and display the weather info…now I spend more observing weather conditions and less wondering about why the software doesn’t do what I want


I know why when it comes to code. My code does exactly what tell it. Unfortunately, I often tell it incorrectly. :blush:


Old Unix computer fortune message:

Boy, do I hate this damn machine,
I wish that they would sell it.
It never does quite what I want,
But always what I tell it.