My Air just went ? With humidity

So, my Air has always read high humidity…until today.
Currently reading 2%RH. This isn’t right.

Any thoughts??

It isn’t. There are a few topics on the issue and the solutions.

I’ve followed several threads on this topic, thing is of humidity running high…like mine has for several months since I’ve had it. Now all of a sudden the humidity has bottomed out.

Here’s my installation:

Temperature readings run within a half a degree of my Davis, humidity was running 15-20% higher than the Davis. Now the Air is reading 2%, like something happened to the sensor.

That is an indication that the sensor is actual trying to send 102%.

I read there was a FW fix for values greater than 100%

So, is this a FW push, or a download from my end?

If you have v47 on your Hub you have the latest firmware.

Where do I check?

Is the number at the lower left the app rev, or my FW version?


If you logon to the web site and click on the little green “online” status link at the bottom right of your station’s page, it will reveal a secret menu with all kinds of neat stuff. One of those things is the firmware versions of every component. If you have Hub v47, you are current.

There is a known/open problem with a small percentage of Air units that go over 100% humidity. Open a support ticket with WF if you don’t receive an answer here, since they are aware of the problem and working on a software fix…

In the phone application.

Click the Gear Icon in the upper left.
Click Stations
Click on the Station
Click on Online in the bottom right
Four sections down: Firmware Revision

Thanks so much guys, I have FW 47, will open a ticket on it.