Air humidity sensor dying?

I think my humidity sensor is dying or the automatic calibration is a bit overzealous. It seems to be reading a lower and lower amount over the last 3-4 days. We have had nearly constant rain over that time so I would expect it to read near 100%. Here’s my graphs of RH and the rain we received over the same time period:

Any ideas??
EDIT: Station ID 3893, AIR Device ID 9469

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Hard to tell, but indeed weird. Gues we need input from WF people

@anon84912554 : any Cl acting weird or sensor loosing sense ???


Any input on this? My guess is failing hardware but I’m open to suggestions.

Just an update. Still hanging at very low levels but it did see a bit of a bounce off the floor for a short time but then back to declining RH…

Similar happened to me just this morning. There was obviously a wave of dry air coming in but 0% relative humidity is quite impossible I think :wink:
I guess some algorithm is correcting the raw humidity value too much. I’d prefer to get a raw value even if it makes few % mistake.

Attached comparison plot WF vs VP2 (humidity only).

zero is indeed not a ‘usual’ value

time to open a ticket

Please open a ticket at or by emailing

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