Displaying high & low values

I may be a little late to the party with this suggestion but it didn’t pop up readily
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I report weather data for the Philadelphia region as well as Delaware & Maryland news stations. Both request high and low values since midnight for each report. Using WF, I need to use the graphs for each value to determine simple high and low values since midnight. I’d like to suggest (if space permits) High and Low values for each weather parameter on the WF dashboard. Any support for this?

WF has posted on multiple occasions that data presentations/reporting beyond what the typical consumer would need should be addressed by third-party applications. There isn’t even a standard for the starting times of weather daily reports around the world, with CoCoRaHS and NWS observers reporting at 7:00 AM as an example off the top of my head. There’s no hope in supporting them all in one consumer-friendly app.


I can tell you from experience that the default weewx report template includes a whole “since midnight” side bar, and similar info is available from many of the other apps listed in the third-party software section of this forum…


Thanks but establishing a standard starts with taking a stand, making a decision based on logic, and choosing one that fits everyone’s ability. A 24hr period beginning and ending at midnight would suggest meteorological logic.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Shameless self promotion: the WeatherFlow PiConsole will give you the maximum and minimum temperature each day since midnight, along with the time that that temperature was first recorded.

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Best of luck there.

Obligatory xkcd reference (link)



I will just point out that there are many standards for the same.

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Look at ArchiveSW. It provides what you are asking for and archives all your data.


Don’t forget that American Standard makes toilets… :rofl:


Point well taken.


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Not to bring up an old subject or beat a dead horse, but did anything come of this? I too believe there is room in the app for hi/low values to be placed. Inside of the panel itself there is room. Saying its “outside the norm” to ask for this seems a bit excessive. I’ve been supplying local Wx data since 2001 to WG and using a couple of DIs Vantage units until I purchased my first WF device late last year. I can’t think of a screen/app/panel/etc I have used until this device that didn’t display the hi/low somewhere on it! Hell, even my $9.95 back porch thermometer from Lowes tells me the hi/low of the day!
I’m sure this is a feature that can be added, right?

I too support a high/low reading from midnight ( but without the " ! " )

I think all users will support this as well as WeatherFlow. I also think it will be months coming as it will most likely require many changes in the applications, the REST API and the web socket transport.

In the meantime there are third-party applications to fill your wants.

We have added the request to our internal product backlog for consideration in a future release.

Thanks again.


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