Documentation Issues

David, @dsj

I have a few observations on the documentation.!/observations/getObservationsByDeviceId
“daily rain accumulation” is missing on obs_sky

For all values it is very helpful if you add that the value is either an integer or a decimal and the size of each including the number of decimals.

I’ll add more as I find.


Just looking at the UDP API, it’s a little confusing not knowing:

  • min/max of each item
  • units of each item


  • what are the units for ‘energy’ in lightning
  • battery is likely Volts in status (?)
  • basically need min/max for everything

(reason we need min/max is some graphing engines like node-red need ‘something’ to be able to do a graph or gauge, but I’m guessing it might permit health checks of the data possibly…)

The documentation does have the units. The minimum for all values is 0 (zero) except for RSSI. And temperature can be a negative number.

Energy is an arbitrary number as explained by the manufacturer of the sensor and it’s been discussed here.

Battery is volts to two decimals.


Thanks, Gary. Just noticed this. We’ll get that on the to-do list. The docs will be getting an overhaul soon, I hope.


We hope!