Tempest Observation Information Added to UDP Documentation

Hey devs! I just wanted to let you know that the UDP documentation for firmware version 119 has been updated to include documentation for the Tempest observation (obs_st).

You can find it here:


@corrineb - Dumb question. Do the failed sensor bitmasks in device_status packets stay the same for the Tempest, or have they been rearranged???

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Hello – for some reason the UDP obs_st is not catching the lightning. The strike count and distance fields stay at “0” even though we had a big storm come through tonight. I just got my new tempest system and am updating my software for it. I take it the “evt_strike” is no longer applicable with the new system. I know my tempest is picking up the lightning as I get the lightning data when I connect to my station ID vice UDP. Also the app on my phone is showing lightning. Would appreciate any hints. Thanks

Ignore this post, I was in the wrong section and found the UDP discussion in the developer section. Sorry …

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