A couple of simple UDP message question

In the Device Status message, is this right:

rssi: how well the sensor is receiving the hub (dBm)
rssi_hub: how well the hub is receiving the sensor (dBm)

second question: how often should I be receiving sky observations? I’m looking for lux and UV and the updates seem pretty infrequent.

I think it the hub sends obs_sky once a minute (which includes UV and Lux values).


I can confirm. Lux is updated every minute on my WeeWx and Hubitat. I feed both of these though the UDP broadcast from my Tempest.

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I ran this for a day, and it looks like I never get obs_sky or obs_air. Most of that info is in obs_st so it’s not really an issue, except that it would be convenient to have the rain accumulation so far today coming from the unit rather than me having to calculate it. So I wonder if I’ll start getting obs_sky when it starts raining later today.

Right now though I seem to never receive them.

looks like you have a tempest, you don’t get sky/air, only obs_st which has all the data, include luminance and uv index. Documentation about the content of obs_st can be found here WeatherFlow Tempest UDP Reference - v171
obs_sky and obs_air are used by the older devices Sky and Air.

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Okay, thank you! That wasn’t clear to me.

So far the Tempest only seems to send obs_st, hub_status, device_status, and rapid_wind. I got a popup alert on my phone for lightning within 20 miles but I didn’t get an evt_strike. Should the tempest send evt_strikes ?

Remember that the Tempest System includes more than just the hub and Tempest sensor. It includes the backend WF systems, too. It is entirely possible that your particular Tempest sensor did not detect the strike but the WF backend did and sent you the alert. The UDP packets are only what your station directly measured.