Frequency of UDP messages by type


I’ve got a socket listener pulling in UDP messages from my hub and all I’m seeing come in are type rapid_wind, hub_status, device_status, and obs_st.

In reading the documentation there should also be obs_air, obs_sky (and also rain and lightning events, which I haven’t had a chance to receive). Do those messages not happen frequently (I’ve been watching about 15 minutes) or is there something I need to do to turn them on?

obs_sky and obs_air are sent from older Sky and Air devices. If you don’t have them, you obviously won’t see their info…

Thank you. I was just comparing those two messages with what I have in the obs_st and it looks like only the daily rain accumulation is missing. And the tempest rest can get that from the device itself.

Answers my question, thank you.

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Daily rain accumulation doesn’t appear in the UDP messages on a Tempest. The UDP reference has a placeholder for it for the old Sky sensor, but it never had a value there (if I recall correctly).