Rain Accumulation via UDP

Looking for the definitive answer about RA via UDP…

What does the SKY via obs_sky report? What does the Tempest via obs_st report?

Is the UDP slot for RA in both UDP packets truly utilized?

I’ve searched and seen answers indicating yes, and others indicating no. I’ve seen the answers that suggest those fields exist only for ‘data packet uniformity’ between UDP and REST and Websocket.

So… @WFstaff, (or @anyone else) what is the answer… Do the Tempest & Sky report rainfall via UDP, without any WF server interaction? Is the RA based on the ‘Report Interval’ time?


This is not definitive, just my understanding. The UDP data reports the 1-minute rain accumulations recorded by Sky and Tempest modules. These are indexes 3 (Sky) and 12 (Tempest). The UDP data does not report total daily rain accumulation. This is computed server side after the rain accumulation data is QC’ed and served only in the REST and Websocket data. In the obs_sky UDP packet index 11 (Local Day Rain Accumulation) will always be null and it is only there for consistency with the REST data. In obs_st UDP packets this field is not present.


Thanks Peter.
That is my understanding from reading the questions in the Forum… just wanting someone at WF to say we are both correct.

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You are both correct!


@dsj, thanks for the clarification!

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