UDP API reports null for daily rain


I use the latest UDP API spec, but Local Day Rain Accumulation from the Sky observations is always null, even though it is correctly reported within your app.

/ Joel

That is correct. That index is added by the WeatherFlow servers and not by the Hub.

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But why is it specified as part of the UDP observation message for the Sky device, if always sent as null?

Index Field Units
0 Time Epoch Seconds
1 Illuminance Lux
2 UV Index
3 Rain Accumulated mm
4 Wind Lull (minimum 3 second sample) m/s
5 Wind Avg (average over report interval) m/s
6 Wind Gust (maximum 3 second sample) m/s
7 Wind Direction Degrees
8 Battery Volts
9 Report Interval Minutes
10 Solar Radiation W/m^2
11 Local Day Rain Accumulation mm
12 Precipitation Type 0 = none, 1 = rain, 2 = hail
13 Wind Sample Interval seconds

To keep the index fields the same across all methods.

This way the parsing code for REST, websocket and UDP can all use the same code.

In other words, it’s a place holder and will be null in UDP.

Here is the original discussion.