Hub started broadcasting _debug UDP packets?


A few minutes ago my hub started broadcasting wind_debug, light_debug, (and maybe rain_debug?) packets. It hasn’t done this before – why would it start sending those packets?


It has always done that when a change takes place.

Thanks. I see they’ve stopped now. I don’t see them documented on . Is there other documentation on them?

No formal documentation. Just what has been mentioned in this forum.

Something changes.
Debug data is sent to WeatherFlow
Packets stop.

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Short story: Debug messages are broadcast from all devices for ~30 minutes after a power cycle. Devices can also be put into a debug mode to transmit continuously.


I just got my tempest and from the start its been broadcasting light_debug and rapid_wind every 3 seconds. Is that normal? Based on the other answers if it was in debug mode there would be other ‘_debug’ messages, but there isn’t. Is this just because, similar to the wind, the light is changing constantly?

is there any documentation on the observation mapping? Other than the index 0 which is the timestamp, the other 4 values do not seem to match any of the light related parameters that are included with the obs_st messages.

The debug data helps WeatherFlow calibrate the sensors. The rapid wind is normal.

So the Tempest is relying on the hub to help with calibration?

If the light_debug messages do not stop, does that indicate some kind of issue with the sensors? Mine has been on for about 24 hours now and is still sending them.

Naaah - don’t sweat it. Sometimes you’ll see the _debug messages. I just ignore them in my python listener basically. Sometimes you’ll go many days with none.

Weatherflow can at any time activate the debug messages, I know they are looking into lightning these days … this is part of the continuous learning program … guess they are looking in details a set of stations to learn more, better … ???
Just don’t worry about it. It might run some time, stop … all depends when they decide they have enough extra data.