Dust sensor project

I just found this
It links to a german project with the sensors and even to a semi live version of this map.
Not directly related to weatherflow, but I thought you might find it interesting anyway.


I could use that!! I live a few miles from rock quarries. I go outside at night & point a light beam straight up - so much dust it almost looks like snow

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Take a look at https://www.purpleair.com/


wow you guys are really going to need to undercut those prices on the Breathe…where was that link when we had a few weeks gagging on smoke from the fires all around us in the Pacific North(soon-to-be)Wet ?

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Almost pulled the trigger on one but hoping WF breathe will be available soon so it can be integrated into the app and data… Airvisual has a great app and maps for monitoring AQI…