Energizer Lithium Batteries - Walmart Low Price Option

Hello All,

Dropped by our local Walmart in Canada and found out they have reduced their everyday prices for all Energizer Lithium battery cells. Based on a quick Google search the Walmart price was 10~35% cheaper than the next competitor whether it be brick and mortar or etailer.

If you’re in need of these expensive battery cells drop by your local Walmart and see if that is the case! A 12 pack of AA cells were $17.87 before tax’s.

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Just got ELB 12 pack AA’s on Amazon last week for $13.99. Now going for $14.94 with price fluctuating daily. Made Dec 2017, so pretty fresh.


You know that you’re a weather station geek when…

…you get excited about a sale on Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. :rofl:

…you know that it takes Amazon 3-5 days to ship them ground because they can’t send them via air freight.

…your battery card graph nose dives quicker than the stock market in 1929 when the batteries drop below 3.00 volts. :laughing:

…you’ve written Jeff Bezos an email asking why 12-packs are not available via Amazon “subscribe & save,” but 8-packs are.

…you buy a 12-pack when you only need 8 batteries, just so you have a head start on the next battery swap.

…you have ever plotted battery voltage versus ambient temperature for entertainment on a frigid winter morning…


LOL :joy: Well played - Well played!! :+1:

With new WF devices coming soon, I bought 2 twelve packs! Delivery was less than 2 days. With the final number of units, I’ll need them all and more.

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I have not figured out why Amazon keeps sticking Lithium ION battery warning labels on the shipping boxes and sending them ground, since they are not lithium ion and are safe to ship by air AFAIK…

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This is very true. Disposable “lithium metal” batteries do not have the heat/explosion issues that rechargeable “lithium ion” batteries have. They’re apparently safer than the much more common disposable “alkaline” batteries.

That said, since both types of batteries have the word “lithium” in them, it creates confuision and enormous costs. We’ve had significant issues with shipping our WEATHERmeter (which includes a “lithium” CR2450 coin cell battery). The export agent in China originally insisted that the Li-ion “danger” stickers be slapped on our outbound boxes. We’ve worked that out now, fortunately, but that experience played a part in our decision to not include batteries with the AIR & SKY production shipments.