Excel trick to get data directly from tempest

Did you know you can get your data of your tempest directly into Excel?

First you need to generate a personal token. Sign in to the Tempest Web App at tempestwx.com, then go to Settings → Data Authorizations → Create Token, then copy that token.

Open a blank new document in Excel. Click on Data (in the menu bar at the top), select (in the top left corner) Get Data → from other sources → from the web
paste the following url in the popup window and use your device id (not your station id!) and the token you just created
https://swd.weatherflow.com/swd/rest/observations/device/<your device id>?day_offset=0&format=csv&token=<your token>
Presto, data is now in Excel. Day_offset=0 returns today’s data collected sofar, Day_offset=1 returns all of yesterday’s data.

you can get your device id from settings/stations/status


I get a 401 error? :frowning:

I just tested it and for me it loaded +/- 400 lines of data nicely formatted with headers. The update button even appends the new readings …

That’s weird. You did create a new personal token and used it together with your own station_id?
It should look something like this (but this token is not my valid token ;-), so it won’t work)


Maybe you can get mine to work?
I took your format and changed my 2 reference, still new error:
{“status”:{“status_code”:404,“status_message”:“NOT FOUND”}}

sure… you were using the wrong device_id. You used the station_id


edit: I had forgotten the format=csv part

A better call could be
Make sure you set “do not detect data types” as otherwise the values get all screwed up.

Get your device id from settings/stations/status


Sunny, thank you for this. It is rather useful, and for many owners I would guess

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It doesnt work for me

I tried this https://swd.weatherflow.com/swd/rest/observations/device/71289?day_offset=0&format=csv&token=84f7e20e-ee09-4006-9e5f-a8422117e844

I get the following error

We encountered an error while trying to connect.

Details: “Web.Contents failed to get contents from ‘https://swd.weatherflow.com/swd/rest/observations/device/71289?day_offset=0&format=csv&token=84f7e20e-ee09-4006-9e5f-a8422117e844’ (404): Not Found”

I dont know why



Try https://swd.weatherflow.com/swd/rest/observations/device/192115?day_offset=0&format=csv&token=84f7e20e-ee09-4006-9e5f-a8422117e844

Hi Gary

Yes yours works -mine doesnt



I was getting the errors at first too. I realized I was entering my Station ID, not the Device ID. When I changed to Device ID it worked.

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Hi jimyouse

Thank you so much - its all working now

I was using station ID too - just shows it pays to read more thoroughly



I’m a new Tempest owner as of yesterday. I was able to get my first download just now. Great information! Thanks to all.

Just a question how long does a “Token” last?


forever, or until you delete it yourself. You can do that on the same page you request a token.

Hi I have tried this download a number of times but get the following response, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance



Sorry forgot this bit!,

make sure your device id is correct and that you used the token that you generated. Currently it is not a valid token for that device. The device id should be that of the tempest, not the hub.

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This worked well for me. But how does one convert the “timestamp” data to a Date/GMT format. Or alternatively, does the data download include a reference Date/GMT reference to which the “timestamp” data can be related?

it counts in second from the first jan 1970. many online converters are available. Here is one: Unix time converter - Time.is

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