Expected PV panel output

Is there a way to report expected solar panel output and accumulate it into daily, weekly and monthly kWh?

Why not ? The data is available in the data flow (UDP and API)

you just have to write some code, store it in some way and you can calculate all you want.

You can use a little node red server listening locally to the UDP packages, decode the package, do the accumulations and then make a dashboard to show you the data …

Or use @GaryFunk script to write to a mysql database and then via some scripts do it …

Again, the data is available.

Are you referring to converting light into electricity using semiconducting materials? You would need to know the amount of light needed by you panels to convert a unit of energy. Then you use the light reported by the Sky to give you a general indication of energy to be expected.

Hi @dennisjn,
I am guessing that you might like to be able to calculate the amount of power available from the sun in your location to then be able to calculate how many panels to buy. Prior to actually owning panels. If this is the case then using this graph is available from all public weatherflow stations and I think the dark line is the average energy for the day, so you could move your mouse/curser and write down the values and work it out: https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/share/4555/graph/12620/solar-radiation/5
You can probably find existing stations near you from this map: https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/map
For a very rough guide I have 1.2kW of panels and in my location average about 5kWh generation per day, for the total year.
If you have a different purpose for your question or want more accurate information I have bucket loads of variable optional answers on this topic.
And another way to get the data is to use IFTTT to load your data to google sheets which is discussed on this forum but is not ideal which you can read about in those topics.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:


You might get a rough estimation by this graph

To get a more accurate estimation it’s a bit more complicated : the production output of solar panels depends additionally and with relevant impact on

  • angel
  • direction
  • temperatur
  • wind speeds

Only to mention the 4 big parameters of influence.
Yes, those values might be available (by desion or by the weather station) but it gets quite complicated, quickly.