Extended Forecast Settings

While I utilize the GFS and other models for extended forecasting, it would be nice if we had additional settings that we could set up for our main screen for upcoming weather changes on the extended forecast. Let’s say for example, a strong cold front is approaching towards the last 3-5 days in the extended. It would be nice to go into additional settings to make a certain temperature variant be in this instance blue. So anything under a certain, preset temp turns the forecast day that color. That way, at a glance, this upcoming front shows up on the extended and this is based on what temperature you want to be alerted to.

Another example would be a low pressure system that is bringing a chance of strong to severe storms in the upcoming 7-10 day forecast. Besides having a cloud/lightning bolt icon, have the ability to change the line for that day a yellow or whatever color you choose. I realize we have that ability with Philips lighting or other open source connections but it would be helpful to those, unlike myself who dont spend the time looking into cold fronts. etc. to see that a change in the weather pattern is upcoming on the main station display.

Since this is a simple If/Then, I could see this easily implemented. People like my wife who just wants to glance at the upcoming week, who don’t spend the time to look at forecast models, it would give them an easy glance that changes are coming and a color-based glance is more visible than just an icon. If she wanted to see if it was going to be colder later in the week, yes she could just look at the temps but having the ability to have it turn blue for that day’s line would be beneficial.

We have a dedicated, always-on display (tablet) setup in the living room and she walks by it to glance at the forecast and if the last three days are blue, she can easily tell its going to get colder than having to look at the numbers only. I realize this sounds a bit ridiculous but having a more customized display would help the more casual viewer.

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