[App] More details on the main weather display page (forecast page)

I would like to see more weather details on the main weather display page. For example see what I have added in red text on the screenshot below. This way on a glance you can see most of the information without having to scroll through the page and this would work nice for a tablet used as a display.

I really enjoying seeing the high and low temperatures for the day and it would be nice to see them on this display with the times they happened.

In addition: an indicator whether and how much it is raining actually would be very handy here.


Great idea. Probably a pressure trend arrow might be handy too.

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I Really like the idea of the times pinned to the high and low temps. I also made a request for that during the testing phase. . .back in February.


All great ideas. I’d also like to see a clickable UV ‘key’ that corresponds to index recommendations. and a fire danger gauge based on location, temp, and humidity readings; In addition, integrating air quality and pollen gauges into the UI would be pretty awesome.

I do exactly the same. Currently, I have to go thru the graphs each day. . .and “hunt down” the time that the max and mix temp occurred and put that info into a “daily wx journal.” I also track the battery status by keeping a record of the min and max battery voltage and the times those occurred.

Here is a post and a suggestion made by “keenan”. . .found under the More details on the main weather display page (forecast page)

I’ve also made a similar requests for Max/Min temperature times during the testing phase back in February and March.

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If you want this, you should vote for it.

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I did. I was Vote Number 2, then I replied to “skl6” per this particular topic.

Sorry, I meant to hit the OP. He needs to vote for his own request.

Gary…'fraid I don’t know what an “OP” is.

Original Poster. The one that created this topic.

Little know fact. I was the voice of K2USA in the early 70s.

Thanks for the information. New to the bog but learning a lot. Had the station for about a week now and noticed that the history of rain accumulation has increased somewhat from the real-time data to the historical data (i.e. next day)

Do you (@skl6) think it would be o.k. when we join your request with the one already mentioned by storm tracker :

That would concentrated the “force” :wink:

Do you agree?

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Absolutely okay. Whatever it takes. I’m excited about this new station and would love to see it develop into something great.


I keep detailed temperature and precipitation data and would like to see the time of max/min temperatures along with start time and end time for precipitation. Any way to get that information now without jumping through hoops?

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actually the icon shows rain, when it is raining. But it isn’t informative at all because the icon also shows rain when rain is just predicted.

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Dewpt. should appear on the main app display, not just humidity.

This is an old feature request and some features have been implemented already or on the immediate roadmap. Other features requested are available on the device observations page or in the forecast display.

This topic will be closed and votes returned. Thanks everyone!